Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring sprung

when I wasn't looking. How dare Spring arrive without calling to tell me it was coming. Surely it could have knocked on my door this morning and announced itself. OHHH NOOOO..... Spring wanted to sneak up on me.

There was no sign of Spring on Sunday dispite tempertures in the upper sixties. There were no signs of Spring from my windows on Monday either. It was cold, rainy and very windy and I didn't venture out until after darkness had descended. If there had been a sign to be found on Monday, most likely I wouldn't have seen it anyway.

What a delight to be greeted by a bright sunny day when the alarm went off this morning. Seeing that I slide out of bed with a smile on my face and pep in my step. Sunshine is way better than caffine, especially for those of us with SAD.

Today the sky was clearly blue and a multitude of white blooms were evident on the Bradford pear trees that line the main Blvd of the condo community where I live. I made a quilt two years ago that was inspired by same Blvd.

As I drove to class, I looked for signs of Spring in all the right places; the front yards of houses and in the woods lining my route. Occasionally I would glimps a sparkle of white among the still Winter bare woodlands. To my delight and surprise I was greeted by dozens of, bobbing in the wind, yellow daffadils and the noticible redness on the branches of the yet to bloom Red-bud trees, as I parked at the Ford Center where I teach.

When I arrived at the home of my friend Marti to see her newly installed hard wood flooring as I had promised, I was greeted by her front garden. OH JOY, OH JOY!
Her floors where WONDERFUL too.
I LOVE HARD WOOD FLOORS, so I tried not to turn green with envy.
Going to Marti's is alway a treat in more than one way. Coffee and/or tea are always waiting.

I am teaching a beginner level low water fabric dyeing workshop on Saturday. Marti has a house with a basement that is a "sure, you can store that stuff here kind of space" and not one where she entertains . Thank God for that since we both have acquired a lot of stuff for our quilt art. That means dyes and other dyeing stuff is there too.

We talked, catching up and she helped me put the kits for the class together. Four hands and two heads are always a good thing. While there, I looked at the full size cartoon of her newest quilt design. I oogled her newly organized studio closet and wished my space was as clean. I had my second cup of coffee for the day and made a trip across her rain soaked lawn to see her crocuses. In route, I saw my first dandelion and was happy that I live where I do because, someone else is responsible for eradicating their little yellow heads and long root system from the lawn below my balcony.

I've had a very good day, teaching, visiting with Marti, looking for Spring and working in my studio dispite the fact that I had to drop my Jeep off for service after class this afternoon and I am without a vehicle until sometimes tomorrow. Marti drove me home from her house. One whole mile away.

The "check engine" light came on while I was driving Monday night and my speedometer was stuck on zero. Neither one of the two problems the service department manager assured me is major. I bet that won't be the case with the bill. The light coming on when it did, truly was not a bad thing. I have put off having the Jeep serviced for over 2 weeks when it was ONLY the speedometer that was malfunctioning. I know I shouldn't have waitied. I tend to speed when I know what speed I am suppose to be doing and do about 10% more. But I hate estimating how fast I am driving when, my only indication is based on how comfortable I feel while I am just keeping up with the traffic.

But I promise it was GOING TO HAVE IT FIXED. The tires needed rotating, the oil and filters changed and the other fluids and belts checked for safety sake before the end of the month anyway. On March 27th I am driving from Louisville to Hampton, VA to teach for a couple of days at a Retreat. I plan to stay a few days with my sis-n-law in Northen Virginia too while on that side of the country.

Believe me no woman should tranverse the wilds of West Virginia in an unreliable auto alone, especially since that state has the least number of cell phone towers than any place on the planet. Okay if any West Virginians read this and is offended, don't keep it to yourself, e-mail me. juanita.yeager@insightbb.com

I truly hope you had a BLOOMINGLY great day like I did.


Karoda said...

The dandelion always reminds me of my great grandfather who made dandelion wine each spring.

Anonymous said...

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Elle said...

I won't be able to make it to the retreat this year. I did get a chance to meet 54-40 at MAQF though.

I love daffodils because I always associate them with spring...