Friday, March 31, 2006

It's about the journey

not the destination. If you were traveling with me on Monday and Tuesday as I wound my way from Louisville to Portsmouth, VA you might have wondered if I was every going to get there.
I didn't leave home until 3:oo PM drove a meer 35 miles and took a break at the Wal-Marts where I found 100% cotton bras. My daughter-n-law Mel, (short for Maryellen) gave me this tip as she and my son were laughing about my boob and bra comments.
I brought one, No I was not wearing one at the time. I was in a sweatshirt. I didn't attempt to give my new purchase a trial wearing until the next morning when I got dressed.

Before I left Beckley, WV where I spent the night I visited TAMARAC, and arts and craft center for WV artist. I am happy that while I strolled through the building I hadn't taken my purse in with me. Oh such wonderful things. There are also 5 studio with large viewing windows that offers visitor a great view of the resident artists as they worked.

I can find flowers everywhere so I have included a picture of the large metal sculpture standing out side Tamarac. I know in the past I have made disparaging comment about WV. One remark being the lack of State Police visability. I can not tell you how may times I have been in the state without seeing one SP'man. All that ended on Monday night. I stopped to get late dinner and there buying their dinner were three, yes three of them.

From Beckley on Tuesday I made my way east stopping in Lexington, VA to view the old town and Charlottesville where I visited their historical district taking a short walk along an old street and buying a cup of coffee from a street vendor. During the jourey east I also stopped at a couple of Wal-mart to buy more of the bras that was very comfortable to wear and I did. NO ITCHING-No allergic reaction.

After I left Richmond, VA I had to call my son Myke to have him find me. I had printed out the driving direction for my trip and left them at home and I was at the point of the trip where I didn't know by memory what my next turn or connecting road shouldbe.

He found me and it was on to Portsmouth where I finally arrived at 10:00 PM.

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