Thursday, January 20, 2011

I took my camera with me today

and was all ready to show you some quilts, but I failed to check to see if the battery was charged.  I also did not take a spare battery either.  I know, I know....
Not much gettng done in the creating department orther than me making a large 4' x 6' print surface which I have wanted to do since moving to Florida. 
But I have been busy of late serving on the Quilt show committee of the Log Cabin Fever Quilters. My job was to get the quilt floor plan done and organized the quilt hanging volunteers so that the show would go up smoothly.
I will commend all the members and spouses who came to work yesterday and today.   And work they did.  We got it done in record time I was told.
Yesterday and today Justin came with me.  Being 6 ft, 3 in.  negates the need of a ladder.  He simply reached up, tipped toed a little and reached up 8'.    Believe me he was much loved by all of us shorties.  Being  active in this guild and being a member of the  quilt show  committee  has reminded me of the fist guild I joined in Louisville and all the other quilt shows I've participated in.  Not wishing to go back and do it all again, I realized  yesteday as I was on the way home that I have missed this part of the quilt world.  Not saying I will do it again.  But this time, this show, this one last time for old time sake was a good thing.  I have really enjoyed the last two days. 
Today the vendors came in and while I did not have to deal with them, that part of the show organization seemed to go smoothly too.  Because I didn't take time out to look I can't say that there was anything in the vendor booths that was begging to go home with me.  Dare I go back and look harder.
I saw each and every quilt in the show as I walked the show floor, hanging quilts and double  and triple checking that all was "well" and being sure that it was I hadn't planned to go back to the show until time for the quilts  to come down and get returned to the makers on Saturday.  Yes, I'm also in charge of take-down and return too and yes I'm taking Justin with me.   The great majority of the quilts in the show were made by members of the guild.  They are mostly traditional in design and color.  However, there were several art quilts that were interesting.  No battery means no images to show for all the work I did and no images  to share with you.  So as I was leaving I told Justin that I will  go back for a couple of hours first thing tomorrow just to take some photos.  Well - not first thing.  I think I'll wait until the rush hour traffic clears. 
This morning as well as on Wednesday morning, Justin and I were in the thick of bumper to bumper and stopped dead still. It wasn't pretty.  Justin is a good driver, but if there had been a brake pedal on my side of the car, I would have used it more than once.

The guild show is neither  juried or judged.  I didn't enter anything in the show, although I did put several pieces in the Quilt for Sale Booth and one of my quilts has already sold.  The guild get 10% of the sale price which goes toward the community service grant program I think at any rate  10% isn't bad when other venues like galleries and museums can take as much as 40% commissions.   Tomorrow, I will take a picture of the quilt "I" think is the best of each category; of which there are thirteen and put them on my blog.

For anyone in the Olando area tomorrow and Saturday come and see the show.  I think it's  worth the trip.

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