Friday, January 21, 2011

The Quilt Show

I started out looking at each category in order to decide what I liked best, but that soon went by the way side mainly because I kept getting interrupted. So the quilt pictured above left was the only one that truly was my pick for a category. Why? Well I thought I could sneak in under the radar and not be seen and go about seeing the show and get out. But no. I kept getting stopped and chatted with. Which I must say was nice. It's nice to have people know you and you them. It's the reason I joined the guild. It would be a really sad and lonely world I'd live in if I knew no one who loved quilting as much as I do or didn't speak quilt or art.
The second quilt in the above collage was done by Mary Sorenson and was part of a special exhibit featuring her work. I liked this one the best.
I pretty much passed by all of the vendors but stopped at one. I was tempted to try out a HQ Sweet 16 machine they had in the booth. I'll reserve my thoughts about it for now mainly because before I say aye or nay or think of investing in one I'll have to spend more than 5 minutes operating one. You know, take along my favorite thread and quilt sandwich makings. Too much money to do otherwise.
So on I went up and down a few more aisles until I was summoned to the "quilts for sale booth" where I was told a lady who had brought one of my quilts was looking for me and that they were keeping a list of quilters who wanted to know when and where I was teaching a class next. I left a handful of business cards with the guild members who were manning the booth and on I went feeling quite pleased. Three quilts have sold so far. How great is that?

I didn't get to see Nancy Prince's six quilts that are on display at the show on set-up day because she came in and hung them herself. The two pictured above caught my eye. Heavily quilted and thread painted. The signage states her quilts had been a part of the Vermont Quilt Festival, not sure what year, but the VQF is one of my favorite show venues.

There was a trolley car in the parking lot that was a quilt shop on wheels. Cute! But I was not tempted to enter. The above collage is composed of some general shots of the show floor and the lovely lake at the Fairgrounds as well as the trolley car. As you can see, today was very cloudy and rainy here in central Florida, but still shirt sleeve weather.

Despite not following through on my plan to pick my favorite in each category, I did manage to snap some images of quilts that caught my eye. To the makers of them, I hope they are creditied correctly. I tried.
Tomorrow is, take 'em down, pack 'em up and give 'em back to their makers day. From past experience, I know a hot shower and my bed will feel real good when I fall in it tomorrow night.
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Susan Turney said...

What a great post...loved going to the quilt show!