Monday, January 03, 2011

Today was a little of this and a little

of that. None of which adds up to very much. But the day went. Today began with dropping Rene' off at her office and me taking myself out to a leisurely breakfast where I sat reading a book over a cup of not the best coffee as I waited for the Bernina store in Lake Mary to open. The store; a nicely appointed quilt shop that sells Berninas  best of all carries my favorite Isacord thread along with other products I use, like 505. Yeah, the thread cost more there than ordering on-line but when you need it now, you buy it. Today I was looking for specific colors rather than buying just to add to my stash of threads. I took the quilt I am currently working on along with me to make sure I was picking up the right colors. As good as I think I am with colors it is really hard to pick colors from memory. Didn't think I would need as many colors as I selected, but ten spool later and a nice chunk of change, I was on the way back home to start my day at the sewing machine. But that didn't happen. Not today. For sure tomorrow.

I was like a kid with new crayons. When I dumped the thread from the bag, I had to look at them and contemplate the possibilities and look at them laid out together and smile. I couldn't just put them in the boxes where they belong and get down to work. No. No. No. To much like right my Father used to say. Then I decided because my collection is growing, I should make some order out of my collection and get a handle on what I have, so that the next time I go shopping or order online I will not run the risk of buying duplicates.
After I made a spread sheet with the list of colors by number Isacord sells ( over nearly 400) and marking the ones I have, I discovered that I have several duplicates. No surprise there. The good part in spending an hour or so making the spread sheet and the time spent checking off what I have is knowing that while I have some duplicate there weren't many and despite all that they are duplicates of colors I really like. Ones that I am sure I will use. Maybe not so much with the colors I had to buy today. Not one was from my favorite color families, (Yellow-red-orange) but definitely color that I needed and ones that make the other colors sing.

I had a late lunch on the balcony and little e-mail time on the computer and
then I went off to my local quilt guild's 5PM board meeting. Did not stay for the regular guild meeting and the program . Came home in the tail end of rush hour to find an acceptance letter for AQS/Lancaster.... YEAH!!!!!
Think I'll turn in early and get an early start tomorrow.
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Carol said...

Hey Juanita I'm feeling you. I too get all excited buying threads, and yes, do feel like a kid in a candy store. You seem so at peace with yourself and truly enjoying life. YOU INSPIRE!!!

Anonymous said...

Carol said it all, peaceful and enjoying life. Non Artist