Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The word for today is Growth

or greening.  Both words I relate to Spring. 
When I took a break from quilting  today to stand in the sun on the balcony I chanced to look down into the garden.  A more  studied look at the bushes there revealed many values and hues of green, old leaves and new ones signifying growth due to the increasing warming of the temperatures here.  I hope our Winter is over.  Not that we have much of one or that it last for long when we do...   Spring is coming, at least the plants think so.
The palm trees that I take for granted have grown I noticed too.   Reflecting on these signs of growth,  I took a closer look at the plants in my rail boxes and  at the plants I thought I had lost due to cold a couple of weeks ago.  I saw that the  plants were  trying to make a come back and are sending out new leaves.  So inside I went to get a trash bag and my scissors.  I cleaned up the dry dead leaves and snipped off the dying ones and watered all the pots and boxes thoroughly and felt good for having done so.  When I came back in to start quilting again, I noticed a new leaf growing on my Christmas cactus too.  Ahhh Spring.
 Maybe me taking note of all the greening in nature was due to the fact that the threads I was using today were all in the green color family.
Tomorrow I will put the sleeves on the quilt I plan to submit to IQA/Cincinnati.  Finish the paperwork for that which takes longer than you might think.  Then I should get on to creating a  power point presentation to go along with the trunk show I am doing for a quilt guild in Tampa on the 12th of this month.
I put some dried soy beans in water to soak overnight.  I have a piece of silk ready to go.  If I get done with the business part of being a working artist, I can get some painting done tomorrow before it gets dark and I lose the great light that come through the windows.
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Susan Turney said...

Hi Juanita,
Happy spring...we're still a bit away from it in Las Vegas but at least I'm not dealing with the snow in MN like last year!.
I'm wondering if you read Judy Coates Perez's blog. Yesterday she tried some new inks...here's the post just in case.


Even I want to try them and I don't do anything like this!!!

Juanita Yeager said...

I haven't used this brand but do use Dr. Martin's Acrylic Inks which comes in an identical bottle with stopper and size. Probably in the same price range. I've use Dr. Martin's for a while to add shading to my work especially when I dye paint. However, using watercolor pigments gives me the ability to shade without having to add the inks. But I still have them just in case.