Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm home, the show is down

All of the quilts were returned to their makers without one going astray.
Made myself some tomato soup when I got home.  I ate a hand full of dried cranberries. I am sipping on a large mug of hot green tea as I blog. A hot shower awaits and so does my bed. Did I say I am tired.
I spent more time at the show than I had planned. My first thoughts when I agreed to help with the quilt show was; I will do my job and come home and stay here until it was time to take the show down. But as you know yesterday I went back to take pictures. And then this morning as I was about to have my first cup of coffee for the day my phone rang.
There were several people at the show wanting to meet me I was told, so I got dressed and drove to the show. I was glad I did. Several of the ladies who wanted to meet me had purchased quilts others wanted information on my teaching schedule and availablity. It is always nice to know who has your work and I enjoy teaching.  returning to the show earlier than planned was a good thing.
In total for the two day show I sold nine pieces. I know the collage above shows eight of the images that did.  For the life of me I can't remember which of my quilts the ninth one was.
You see I wasn't being a good business woman when I got the bundle assembled to take to the show. For one, I failed to make a copy of the inventory sheet that I left with guild that listed names and prices of my work. As a rule I also create an album in Picasa and copy an image of each quilt(s) and title to that album. The album moreso the title of the album denotes the destination of where my work is when it leaves the house and I have an idea of what is where. My second lapse of professionalism was that I failed to do this for the 17 pieces I took to the guild show and I am not entirely sure why that was other than me thinking that the likely hood of me selling anything at the show was slim to nil.
I was participating just to be supportive. How wrong was my thinking?
My work sells on a regular basis. I am happy about that. But nine pieces in two days is a record. Excuse me, but Yahoo!!!!
The better part of all this is I did not want to make those two bird quilts in the first place. My heart really wasn't in the making of them and I really, really thought I would have them forever. I am so glad there are bird lovers in Florida because they both sold and are going to homes where they will be enjoyed.
And now, I am off to the shower and to bed.
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Karoda said...


Susan Turney said...

Congratulations!!! That is such a big deal!!!!
I looked up the new machine you mentioned looks amazing! Be sure to post the results of your tests.

Carol said...

Congratulations and thank God you sold the birds, now I can stop thinking about owning them and set my mind to maybe using some of the drawings I have and make my own birds. Hopefully they can stand beside the ones you sold. "YAHOO"

Renee said...

Wow... nine pieces in 2 days! I am so happy for you!!! WooHoo :-).