Sunday, January 02, 2011

Yesterday I went for a walk

around the lake, something I haven't done for a while, mainly because it been too cold. But yesterday was great. The sun was shining and
families were in the park and people were sitting on the grass near the lake shore. Wonderful!!! When I left home with my camera I decided that because of what I can see from my balcony I would focus on looking at pattern. With an emphasis on quilt patterning contemporary and traditional. The upper image is the security railing on the 7th floor level of the parking structure where I live, the four patch is in the garden below me.

But as soon as I turned the corner on my way to the lake, what caught  my eye and caused me to pause was the fact that Christmas was still very much every where I looked. Looking up I saw this banners on the light post. Well it could be an applique' I thought so "click". But what made me smile the broadest was this giant 8' inflatable snow man on a balcony.  The  idea of a cold winter theme when the sun was shining and the temperature was registerinng in the high 70's was just too funny. Not much quilt about that I thought as I zoomed in on it and clicked, but there are snowflakes I thought.

At the end of my walk when I looked back through what I had chosen to capture with my camera, the dominate theme for the day was pattern, but not necessarily quilt and definately metal.
I think I told you several post ago that Rene' was back to house hunting. Yesterday her hunt paid off. We looked at four places with her Realtor that we had scoped out on Friday; all duplex's and one was a clear winner. Move in ready. The only improvement required; ripping out the light colored cheap looking laminate wood flooring to put in real wood. It is bank owned with all the paper work that slows these sorts of sales down to a crawl is done. With that, she put a contract on it. Best of all, as far as I am concerned; its not far from me. About 1-1/2 miles and I can walk or get there on my bike by riding on a less busy street. And why would I want to get there on my bike. The place has a two car garage,painted floor with lots of built in deep shelving and she said I can use one side for my wet studio. The side with the window, yeah!!!! I have a really sweet daughter. 2011 looks promising.
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