Friday, January 07, 2011

Sew--- Sew---Sew, part 2

Today I'm  back to sewing on sleeves.  Why?  I finished sewing on what I thought was the last of the sleeves only to locate two more small pieces without them as I was sorting and tagging two dozen plus pieces to take with me for my presentation and trunk show in Tampa next Wednesday. 
I really must do better about "really finishing" a piece once it is "finished".   But the sleeves and labels have always been my bug-a-boo and in all truth since I did not make not one single New Year's resolution, putting sleeves on immediately is not going to be the one I intend to make.
Today after lunch I plan to paint.
Yesterday was spent at the lap top creating a slide presentation in Power Point.  That took me way longer than I thought it would. In the past Lyn was the one who created my presentation for me.  So first I had to learn the program.  Then  I was torn between whether I should include some of my older work or if I should leave it out.
I like so many other quilter makers  who got started long years ago, now nearly thirty.  I don't have a lot of my old work any more.  And only two pieces  here with me that are older than 6 years. 
Of my older work; those pieces that have not sold were left with Lyn in Missouri so I don't have them here to photograph.  Most of my very first pieces were made way before the digital era came upon us.   Back then it was standard practice to make photographs for documentation and 35mm slides for competition entries. 
But it is hard to show people where you came from  and the connection you still have to that place if you don't have images of your early work.
So I decided to include some images of the pieces with floral themes if I could find photographs of them in the pile of pictures that did not make it to my scrape book and I found in a box.  The scrape book with images of everything I ever made before digital cameras,  I also left with Lyn. 
You know, Lyn has a lot of my "stuff".  I don't feel to to bad about that, she  a keeper.  The keeper genes she got from her father  not from me. Me, her mother's genes operate basically in this way.  If; when, where and how you will use it doesn't come immediately to mind, then let it go to a better home or into the trash bin.  
Of the old work I found photo images of,  I tried taking digital shots of them with some success. So they were included.
So for now I'm off and getting back to the thimble, needle and thread and then on to making some soy milk after lunch so I can paint, I hope.

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Karen said...

Oh I am with you on the sleeves and labels! Takes me forever to get that part done! But the saver..ah, I do not part with my work very well. The ones that are gifted were started out with that thought in mind so they go, but the rest..well- here they be with me!