Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sew... Sew... Sew...

That's pretty much all I did today. Some at the machine but mostly by hand.  I was going to do paperwork but the fire alarm maintenance company that services the building where I live was here today conducting test that had every alarm in every apartment on every one of the 7 stories going off at one time for hours and I do mean hours. I don't think  you can  imagine or appreciate how loud and annoying the alarms are that began to blare at 9:05 and did not cease until nearly 1:00 pm unless you had the misfortune of being here.

While this sounds very much like complaining, I really am not. When you live in a multi-family high-rise the last thing you want to be concerned about is fire and not being alerted to it soon enough. Around here, they take fire preparedness seriously. Having said that, there was no way with the noise level in the range it was, was I going to think or hold a train of thought long enough to do paper work or relax into a zen state as I paint.  So instead  of doing either one of those planned task for today, I began the mindless chore of sewing on all the facing and all the sleeves of all the pieces I've finished, rolled up and put in the closet lately. The tally.  I cut the strips of cloth for facing and sleeves, then faced and sewed  top and bottom sleeves on one quilt, sewed top and bottom sleeves on another and made the the two sleeves for a third quilt that I plan to sew at least the top sleeve onto before I call it quits for tonight. The second sleeve I'll do tomorrow.

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