Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Almost there, almost there

There are several lines from the original Star Wars that have stuck in my mind all these years. Quotes like " I have a bad feeling about this." "Stay on Target." and the most applicable one for today. "Almost there, almost there" which I believed followed the line "Stay on Target." I have stayed on target and have accomplished my first long distance move and have survived to talk about it. I have even with an even temper accepted the quirks about the house and have been here when service people have come to repair them. ie, the garage doors that played see-saw and opened and closed at will.

There are two doors to the garage, one for my side and one for Lyn's. It was her side that was the problem. My door would open with the remote for my side and close with my remote. But when I tried to close mine her's would open. If I tried to close her's mine would open. Thus producing this see-saw action. That happened for two or three days, then her side as if it had a mind of its own would open and close at will. It could have been doing this all night long on all three nights we in the house so when we did discover this, we unplugged her side. Which meant the outside code controll box did not work and since we were in the habit of going and coming through the garage, none of us had a key to the house on our key chains. Lyn came home one afternoon to find me out shopping and she could not get into the house. The garage man finally came yesterday and said there was a short in the system and that has now been repaired.

The electrician in coming tomorrow to fix the remote controlled fan in the great room. The ceiling in that room is at least 10 feet if not more so getting to the fan is not an EASY TASK. A new battery installed in the hand held remote did not make it run. The builder's assistant came by, climbed atop a eight foot ladder to see what the proplem was and he could not solve it. He did put light bulbs in the fixture that were not installed when the fixture was put in. Needless to say they did not come on either when the switch was flipped or the romote was tested.

Quirk number three a continously running garbage disposal. On the first day we realized that the switch that should operate the disposal produced no action. I whose back does not take kindly to bending looked under the sink to see if there was one and there was. I also noted that there was a plug just laying on the cabinet floor. I call a my daughter, she on hands and knees found the wall plug and plugged it in. The garbage disposal started working. Chewed up the stuff in the sink, but would not shut off when the wall switch was flipped. NOT GOOD. Lyn came back and unplugged it. Now for the rest of the story. They build house around here we were told with a live plug under the sink to run something cntinuously. (NOT SURE WHAT) while the outlet is controlled by the wall switch. Getting a grand child who is much more agile, he was able to see the second outlet and thus solve the problem of the every running garbage disposal. Switch on, Switch off.

Quirk #4. An unpredictable inground lawn watering system. At random, Lyn said she is wakened at 4:30 AM to the sound of the sprinkler hitting the side of the house.
I have been so bone tired the last two-three weeks from the packing and unpacking that once my head hits my pillow I hear nothing. I guess as an indication of me not being so bone tired at the end of the day anymore, this morning I heard the sprinkler, thump pause, thump, pause, thump, pause and on and on and on for twenty minutes. Then silence. Then sleep returned. So that's what she hears. The spinkler Guy Will be coming soon!!!!!

A real problem, not a quirk; a shower with NO COLD WATER. On the first evening in the house, Lyn wanted to take advantage of the one think about the house she especially loved when she frst say the house. A walk through shower with multiple shower heads.
One the first evening, she turned on the water setting the controlls about what should be a pleasant temperature once the water arrived on her side of the house from the water heater in the garage. To her surprise, thank God before she stepped in, she tested the temperture. HOT HOT HOT. She added what she thought was more cold water. HOT, HOT, HOTTER. She turned down the hot water and added more Cold, she tought, HOT HOT HOT. She tested all the other facets in her bathroom, the one to the jetted tub and the ones at each vanity, pleasant,
controllable. The plumber was called. Malfunction cold water inlet valve. This was learned after they had broken throught the wall to the back of the shower from the closet side thinking there was dirt or a rock in the cold water line. New valve installed, wall repaired with a access door incase of future problems and the sweater-t-shirt closet organizer unit was replaced. Lyn now LOVES her shower.

All and all it is a nice house and we are almost there as far as having everything in place. With a little more organization on Lyn's side of the garage she should be able to park her car inside as of tonight. Mine has been inside for several days, but there is still a lot of stuff that has to do with my studio that needs to find a home with easy assess for future use. I really cannot believe I had all of this stuff in my studio.

Tomorrow shots of the inside of the house as done as it is going to be for now.

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Karoda said...

it sounds like you're having fun...just teasing...i almost called you about an hour ago...i was bouncing off the walls because its all about VALUE and i'm LOVING the piece I started today!