Monday, August 28, 2006

They came

on Saturday afternoon bearing a plate of brownies. The "They" are our top of the circle on the right hand side neighbors. Their house faces Loredo Trail the cross street that Satinwood Circle runs off of). Their garage door is always open, opens on our street, Satinwood Circle. The man of the house thinks keeping the garage doors open helps cool the house. This is what his wife Cecilia, mother of three, two boys 20 and 14 and daughter Sonja reported, shrugging good naturedly as if to say, "I don't know if that's true or not, but who cares". Cecilia speaks with a South American accent and said she was born in Brazil. Sonja, age 9 has very heavy,straight red hair, a round face, toothy grin was typical ly pre-teenish. She had come with her mother hoping who every opened our door had a girl her age living there. She was disappointed to learn that only boys almost the same age as her brothers lives here and the only females were my daughter and me.

I learned during our brief visit as I invited them in to sit down and chat, that they have lived here, in Columbia, for only 6 months having moved from the Newport News, VA area where they had been for nearly 20 years. I learned that both Cecila and her husband work at the University of MO. I did not asked in what capacity. Maybe next time.

She told me that our only other neighbor has been in her house for about three months and she has yet to meet her. Cecilia said she has made brownies for her on four occassions with out getting a response to her knocking. I have seen our neighbor coming and going and so has Cecilia , but neither one of us are nosey enough to figure out her schedule with the intent of intercepting her.

Cecilia said she had come to welcome us ;having made herself the unofficial welcoming committee, since she felt slighted when there was no one here to greet her when she arrived. I was glad she had made the effort. I might have said before that there are seven house in what I would consider our circle. With one lot not built on yet. I did meet the owners of that lot on the second day we were here but they reported they were not scheduled to start breaking ground until next spring having just brought their lot the week before.

Bummer, they seemed like a nice young to me couple.

To our left is a competed house unsold and to our right another one. Both built by the builder who did our house. Then the house of the lady we do not know and then two unsold houses by another builder before you get to Cecilia's house on the corner.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, we got it.

Sorry I can not report how good the brownies were because of my wheat allergy, but the fudge icing which I picked at, was finger licking good.

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