Thursday, August 17, 2006

Keeping in touch

I haven't told you just how much I hate to figure out how a computer works. Believe me it is not how I like spending my time. Generally when there is something to do on this thing I try to multi-task while doing it, mostly, eating a meal. That what I am doing now as I am trying to figure out how to retrieve all the email address that are in my old e-mail system and get them into this new one. I am not having much luck.
I hope that the last email that I sent from the old address got to everyone telling them of my new address. IF not I know there are some of you who I correspond with who read my blog and if you would send me your email address I can put it in my address book again.

Tomorrow I will take some shots of the progress Lyn and I have made with the house so far. You who have not moved long distance will think, is that all that's been done, while others who have had the experience of getting out of one place and leaving it in a state of habitability for the next person while trying to pack everything in a manner that will make unpacking easier for yourself on the other end will send up a few prayer on our behalf.

The plan to move in an orderly fashion looked good on paper and sounds
wonderful and it all went well until the night before when panic set in and the next morning when the movers were at the door and there was still lots left to do.
Then the mantra became just pack it and lets get on with it.

On the other end, the boxes got off loaded and stacked in no specific order dispite there lables and the unpacking of them was hodge-podge.

I didn't find any of my bed linen for three days. No other bed in the house is a king size but mine so there was no borrowing to make the bed look good, just sleepable.

No matter, I have been so tired from packing, moving and unpacking if need be I can sleep on a concrete side walk without a pillow if it came to that. Luckily it didn't.

I am beginning to learn my way around Columbia without a map, since I have had to go in search of window treatments. cleaning supplies, retrieve the grandson from school and shopping groceries. Found a wonderful little cafe with the most delicious granny smith apple salad. (Walnuts, turkey, brie and a lite raspberry poppy seed dressing ) yummmmmm!!!

My new e-mail address is

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