Thursday, August 31, 2006


You know I didn't have much going first thing this morning if I could stand at the back door, look out the window watching Carlos mow the lawn. The rain finally stopped and the yard dried out. Dispite the blandness of the activity I couldn't bring myself to step away from the door and get on with breakfast. I watched Carlos ride back and forth on his John Deer,(picture to follow *) wondering when his path would take him near to or completely over the yellow flower standing so gaily in the yard amid the overgrowth.

He's not hard on the eyes, however, watching him mow was still just a tad more exciting than watching an ice cube melt.

Since the other day I've come to the conclusion that the yellow flower in our lawn is a wild flower native to this area. I have observed them growing abundantly along the first 2.5 miles of rural Scott Road which I have to travel before I get to the first cross street, first stop sign and start seeing houses again. Then there is another 2.5 before Scott Road curves 90 degrees going from a North/South road to an East/West one and becomes Broadway. There is 3/4 of a mile more onceyou are on Broadway before you get to the first stop light and back in what John my youngest grandson calls civilization.

Also, since my discovery of the plant in our yard, five or six more have sprung up. All were blooming very profusely before Carlos mowed them down. SAD Carlos, being a native of these parts probably recognizes them for what they are (weeds?). Or maybe as a man, not an artist he sees no beauty in them.

I am a lover of flowers, be they cultivated or wild. I see the beauty of flowers every where; even at the McDonalds drive thru.(picture to follow*)
Flowers do make my day.* Sorry I have to charge the batteries in the camera before I can show you the flowers and Carlos on his John Deer.

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Dianna in Maui said...

Juanita, I love your chatty posts from the past few days. And your studio is positively transformed! Can't wait to see what you turn our next.