Friday, August 25, 2006


I have promised myself that all this will be a thing of the past. That order will reign on my side of Lyn's closet which serves as my quilt closet. I have always had a space where my quilts live along with the other large pieces of equipment I have acquired. As in a Norwood floor frame. (those of you who were hand quilters know that this is an extremely good piece of equipment) complete with three sizes of poles and modified with four poles.

It was great to quilt on and still will be if there is a time when I feel I can sit and quilt just for the pleasure of it.

This is my side of the garage at this moment. I plan to have it all orderly put away by tomorrow too. This area in front of my Jeep measures about 8 feet to the wall so it is a good amount of space.
With better lighting, I will make it my messy space. Perfect, because the laundry room is a few steps away with no step up. I'm going to look into those feet friendly floor mats that allow water to drain through. Nancy Crow has some great ones in her wet studio at the Barn. In this rural type community I should be able to locate them at a farm supply store without too much trouble.
A side note:
See that small box and the large white PVC pipe coming from the outside wall. That small box is our water heater. It is one of those on demand systems and I have to say I was skeptical at frist but it works Fantastically. Three people can shower at the same time ( more if we had more bathrooms) plus run the dishwasher and washing machine and never run out of hot water. How cool I mean (HOT) is that.

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Jenny Walton said...

Great to see you are nearly there.