Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Bloom where you are planted."

has always been one of my favorite quotes and has much to do with what my yesterday was about. I have so much on my mind today in rememberance of yesterday that I don't know where to start. So I will start with what started my day and that was me sitting down to have a cup of coffee and picking up a book to look through while doing so before getting to the tasks I had assigned myself to complete by days end.

The author of the book I picked up is Alexandra Stoddard, her book is titled "Feeling at Home: Defining Who You Are and How You Want to Live" She begans the book by asking you to name ten symbols that define "YOU". My ten were in no particular order of importance. Circles, Flowers, Sunshine, Loved Ones, Creativity, Warm colors, especially yellow, Home, My Art, Music and Order. With that list of things before me I realized that much of who I am is about what I do and what insires me. Flowers, circles and color. I always knew that loved ones which includes both family and friends and home was important to me. But order, hummmm, (I hate being scheduled, I hate regementation and I dislike predictability) But order, When I thought of what I had planned for myself yesterday I was happy. And surprisingly yesterday all the task I had assigned myself to complete had to do with restoring ORDER to my life, my work and my storage areas, so I could without thought put my hands on what I needed to create my art without having to look in all the places my stuff has been assigned to live.
1. Like the guest closet in the hall. (All my hand dyed fabrics)
2. Half of Lyn's bedroom closet FOR ALL THE BIG BULKY STUFF like roll of batting, floor frame and completed quilts,
3. The top shelves in my Linen Closet,(FOR ALL MY PAINTS, CRAYONS, etc.
4. In the studio space itself(books and sewing supplies (thread needles sketch books and
5. In my messy space in the garage, Equipment for dyeing. Large drawing paper.

Whew... as I have said before I can not believe I had all this stuff in one room with the exception of the large pieces of the floor frame, batting by the roll and quilts in storage.

When my coffee cup was empty, I stood to look out the back window wondering why the goddess of rain has decided to conspire against us. Everytime we have scheduled the lawn man to come, it rains. Yesterday was no exception. I woke at six in the morning to the sound of thunder, flashes of lightening and the sound of rain once again. For the last two weeks the back forty has been in desperate need of mowing and now the front yard was in need of the same except not as desperately.

As I looked out the window at the backyard, pondering just how long we would have to put up with the weeds and overgrowth. Just how long will it be before we could arrange for hydroseeding of the back forty, I noticed this little spot of yellow in the distance.

Hummmmmm. Now what is that. A weed? I could see the same color at the far left on what I think is our property line but I can not be sure about that because we haven't been able to see the property line stakes since we have been here, because the grass or what is passing as grass needs cutting.

Seeing yellow made me smile and peeked my interest. Mind you I knew the ground was possible wet, but I had on a pair of Crocs, (very washable) so out the door I went camera in hand to see what the spot was.

Four feet off the patio I began to sink into the mud. I tried to step for grass patch to grass patch, using them like stepping stones to get to the spot of yellow. The further out I ventured I began to feel like a frog looking for the next lily pad as I began to sink deeper and deeper in the mud.
The grass patches were not helping. They were getting further apart and I could see areas of standing water and inch deep in places. At one point I was in more than an inch. But I was determined and I pressed on. This is what I found.
Now I will be concerned for its survival when the lawn man comes and indescrimnately mows it down.

The rain left the humidity as high as before the rain, but the temperature did drop enough for me to work in the garage and get my messy space organized. I also assembled one of those fold down craft tables out there to use in my studio area.

In my previous space I was able to have a 30 x 60 inch table for cutting where I could put a removable ironing surface of the same size. My present space does not allow me to have a table this size that can stay in place all the time, least I invade the living room space. So the solution was to make this fold down craft table that can collapsed and rolled against a wall when not in use.

The lawn man did come. He cut the front yard without any trouble. Got stuck in the mud in the back yard and had to put down some straw to free himself. Also he got a flat tire caused by a roofing nail in the grass. Tire repaired, mower freed he did not dare try to mow as far back in the yard as the flower was located, thus the goddess of blooms is smiling and so am I. The plant will live to bloom more while awaiting the ground to dry out. Which from the weather reports won't be anyway soon because rain is predicted again today.

LIKE THIS DETERMINED PLANT, I wish for all of you that you too "Bloom where you are planted."

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Karoda said...

Hi Juanita, I just returned from a Sankofa Guild meeting where some very ambitious first time quilters shared their drawings for their was great.

To bounce off of your quote, there is a similiar one that is attributed to Langston Hughes that reads "bloom in the strength of your unknown power" that for many many years I taped to my desk when I was employed.

Someone very wise once said, "a little bit of yellow goes a long, long way" :)