Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blame it on the water

I believe my love affair with Starbucks coffee began as a result of visiting my daughter Lyn here in Columbia. Being a confirmed coffee drinker and she not I always came with my own coffee pot and my favorite brand of the brew. But my coffee never tasted quite the same here. So I thought it was just me. Why do we women think when something goes wrong it is our faught. Well it wasn't. It was the water.
I would drink a glass of Columbia's water when I had to take medicine and I would comment to Lyn about the odd taste. Here reply was, she didn't like the water, never drank it and uses bottled water at her offices because she could not develope a taste for Columbia's water.

Louisville as water goes has some of the best tasting water that I have come across, probably second only to the water in Canada, which just taste WET.

Having been here several times in the past four years for various lengths of time I gave up on trying to make coffee myself. The Starbuck at the corner was an easy solution to the problem of getting a decent cup of coffee. Now we live six miles from the closest STARBUCKS whereas before it was an easy walk to the next corner from Lyn's old place.

Knowing that getting coffee wasn't going to be as easily as I had done as in the past, I resorted to making tea. I always measured the taste of my tea against the tea that I get at my friend Marti's house. My tea never quite measured up in Louisvile and it certainly wasn't measuring up here in Columbia. However,while not great, brewed tea with a little honey was tolerable.

But in my quest for caffine in any form that tasted good, I resorted to a drinking Pepsi or a Coke, which ever the grandson happened to talk his mother into bringing home. But a cold glass of Coke with either yogart and blue berries or oatmeal with dried cranberries, just didn't seem to be the right thing to drink first thing in the morning.

Eureka!!!! Bottled water. Today as I sit here I am having the best cup of coffee I have had in I don't know when, even better then Starbucks because it did not cost $2.65 and I didn't have to get out of PJ to go get it.

By days end there will be no more boxes to unpack, no more window treatments to make for now. There will be quilts on the walls in all the right places. After this my part of the home decorating is done for NOW. Lyn's and the boys are still undecided what they want at their windows. They all have temperary treatments for privacy.

And although John, the grandkid promised to help me put away my fabric in some orderedly state. Which he did, I will need to refine it so I can put my hands on what I want when I need it and that is tomorrows job.
So I can now see a day in the not so distant future, (like day after tomorrow) when I will be back to working creatively with fabric, and dyes and paints and threads PURE JOY AWAITS.

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