Friday, August 04, 2006

This time yesterday

there were boxes and boxes everywhere. As of 1:30 PM today, not a box insight. THEY AND ALL THE FURNITURE IS all packed on the truck. YEAH!!! Elation was seeping from every sweaty pore todays as I supervised the loading of the truck, deciding what had to be on it and what COULD go if room permitted. I had no idea that I could fill a 26 foot truck with no room to spare mainly because of what was in my studio. Just think what today would have been like if I had not left a packed to the brim jeep load full of studio stuff at Lyn's on the last two TRIPS I made to her house.

No matterhow well organized you are or how closely you supervise, something always goes array. In this case I had left out and set aside for myself a plastic bin with clean undies and nighties to be used until I was ready to go and a small suitcase with outer wear. Well the outer ware I have, but the only undies I have are the ones I am wearing and the only nighties I have are the ones I woke in this morning. I will have to go shop or handwash and hang dry each day for a couple of days. Stinky is NOT an option.

All that is left now is the clean up. I have decided that with the new move, no matter how unattractive it might look I am putting my bedroom chest and secretary desk on those furniture disc so I can move the furniture every once in a while to vacuum under them. I will do the bed too since my vacuum will not go under the bed rails. It is a sin what is under stuff you have not becaue you could not moved in years.

Now to patch the nail holes paint where necessary clean the window, kitchen and bathrooms or rather have Brenda, my house helper do the cleaning part the grandboys the patch and paint part so I can leave and lock the door on this part of my life. Gven practice to my favorite Emerson quote, "Finish the day and be done with it. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well."


Karoda said...

Juanita, this is hard to read. Please spare some time before you leave for us to get together.

Sandra said...

Juanita, I wish you well with your move. This is always such an emotion-filled time having sadness and excitement all at the same time. I will look forward to meeting up with you again next July in Louisville.