Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm back

I'm back on line and I will begin to blog on a regular basic fairly soon. I am still living with boxes in the garage, boxes in the living room and echos because there is no quilts on the walls as yet. There are so many boxes to be unpacked, (Mostly studio stuff) in fact that the cars live in the driveway.
The one thing that makes me the happiest about this house is that there are no dark rooms. The sun comes in at the most perfect angles.

The one thing I am unhappy about, is that the studio. The space is a mess and I am frustrated that I can not wave a wand and majically make all the stuff go to where it belongs without me carrying it there.

I will be back in Louisville the first week in September for a couple of days and I am trying to have all the unpacking done before I go so that when I come home I can work.

I will post some images of the house as soon as I can and tell you about the adventures of moving in and discovering the quirks of the house. No house is perfect, I've known that fact for a very long time. But it becomes moreso in ones mind the more you feel as though the house is HOME and I am getting there very quickly.


Kat said...

Welcome back, my day doesn't start right if I can't read what your up to.

Jenny Walton said...

So pleased you arrived ok and are "on the way" - missed your postings.

Karoda said...

i guess i spoke to soon...but when i checked around noon today, this entryf didn't show up for me...i forgot to tell you that i tried iced coffee for the first time today and it isn't bad.