Friday, April 30, 2010

Almost there, almost there, ...

That is how I am feeling today. One more long dayof quilting should do it as far as the quilting is concerned. But then, there is the blocking and the squaring of the corners, a little cropping I think too, some fabric inks to deepen the shadows a little more, then facing, sleeves and a label. Now what shall I name it?
A comment from one of my readers n yesterday's blog suggested I should have the shop buy my quilt because I put in all the work at their shop. Well yes I have spent days there, but despite the driving it has not been a bad experience. I would have spent my days quilting no matter what location I was sitting on my butt. There chair in truth is more comfortable than mine, but then it cost more than mine did. Hmmmm... I just might purchase it.
During the time I have been there, I've had lots of visitors to the shop stop and look at what I am doing. I've enjoyed talking to people from all over the world. One of the things that is commonplace being in close proximity to the place where the Mouse lives.
I've had several people inquire about my other work and I have directed them to my website. I've had inquiries about teaching in other locations both in and out of state. Again I've directed them to my website. (I really must get some business cards made.
So not only am I promoting Bernina as a sewing machine, I never fail to mention to those who inquire if that is the machine I sew on at home, I tell them the story behind why I am sitting in the middle of a quilt store quilting on a Bernina and that I own a Janome.
This piece when finished does not belong to the shop, nor will it be displayed in the shop. It will be brought home and photographed when finished and a digital image of it will be submitted to Bernina for inclusion in their competition that is part of Bernina University and annual event held for Bernina dealers. This years symposium will beheld in Orlando, convenient huh. I am seriously thinking of forking over the $399.00 it cost to attend.
If the quilt gets juried in, it will be displayed there. If not, it will be rolled up and stored or sold if anyone is interested in purchasing it, just like the rest of my work.

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sheila said...

Your work is just Beautiful!!!

Sheila from Arizona

Carol said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely just lovely. Name it "Tutti Fruiti".

Patty S. said...

Wow! I can't wait to see the finished product. And, by the way, your Bernina dealer should fund your way to BU! You're doing her a favor and probably selling machines to those who just observe your great work.