Friday, April 23, 2010

Eventually I am going to get this right

I kept telling myself as I moved from place to place and now I think I have. By that I mean,getting it right where I want to stand or sit to paint. A couple of weeks ago I blogged about packing myself up and moving myself to a corner of the room away from the window. Well that lasted about a week or so. Then I realized that I really really really truly do like being in front of the window best.
So why did I move. I moved away from the window because the print/paint table I had took up too much room and looked uncool, not that I am all about the cool because I'm not.
I think what disturbed me most was that my print/paint table was visually disturbing and disorderly looking. You see, I've come to realize that I am more about orderliness... now... more so than I have ever been in my whole life.
Maybe it my age or my harmones (you know I'm a woman, so I can blame it on the any number of things) but the truth is now at this time in my live I can control my environment whereas in the past when I lived with other people, husband/children, it was easier to go along to get along since ulcer were a no no I refused to let disorder get to me.
Yes moving to the other end of my living space near the laundry room solved the visual disorder. And I worked okay in that space and there was order and I thought I had solved the problem, but no. While it left the living and TV viewing part of my apartment free of disorder I felt like I had outlawed my artmaking self in someway by relegating me to a corner.
So here is how I resolved my issue, an easel, It is easily moved to stand in front of the window without me having to move my little table and chair set away from the window. So I can still sit and eat or journal in front of the window.
This easel breaks down to a little of nothing much more than a pile of sticks that can be stored in an out of the way corner when not in use.

This is the cheapest easel I could find at Michael's $14.00 minus 20%, I brought it just to see if it would work and it does. And hey, it makes me feel like an artist. So now I am back at my light filled window where I can rest my eyes by looking into the garden as I work, I am going to invest in a more substantial easel when I can use my 40% off Michael's coupon on Sunday or Monday. And yes, I think I'll take this one back and apply the cost to the new one, 12 buck is 12 buck.
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There are two more flowers in this composition that need to be painted so I think I will work a little while longer. Will give you an update tomorrow. Really like what I can do with water color pigments and soy milk.


Anonymous said...

Seams to me it doesn't matter where you set up your easel the results are beautiful.
Love the flowers.

nynative1 said...

Love your flowers! The look so real! Glad to hear that you found your niche! I'm still in limbo.