Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here are three of the ladies

who were in my class on Saturday in Kissimmee. Kathy bending over tracing her design, Jacquie(sp) contemplating her fabric choices and yes I forgot her name, but I do remember she is from England, a town near Grantham where my youngest daughter went to college. She is a snow bird and is going back home at month's end for the summer.

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I had a good day teaching at the q-shop after I got over calling myself a dunce for locking my keys in the car. Had to be rescued by a profession car unlocker person who had troubles getting in. Point of interest, if you want an auto that is hard to get into, get a KIA Sorento.

I've been dyeing fabric, almost 80 yards worth over the last few day and now I am done for the time being. I am out of my favorite dye colors. Need to order more fabric. Both the fabric and a fresh supply of dyes from Prochem are in works.
I'm off to the airport tomorrow, flying to Norfolk and airport limo-ing to Portsmouth. I always enjoy being with the 54-40 Quilt Guild and the ladies that organize that bi-annual retreat. Will post from Portsmouth, VA during the time I am there. I'm sure the Marriott has in-room Internet connection. Will return home on Sunday.


Patty S. said...

Looks like a fun class, Juanita! And you dyed 80 yards of fabric? I really want to try out what you taught us in Columbia last summer. I need to get my notes out and just jump right on in. I wish you were still nearby, but enjoy following your blog.

Peter said...

Enjoy yourself Lady!

Carol said...

I admire all you do with the dying fabrics and flowers on your fabrics. You're such an inspiration.