Monday, April 26, 2010

An answer for Carol

She asked if I was talking about regular watercolor paint in a tube. Yes, but make sure it is artist grade and not student grade and select those colors that have the highest light fastness rating as well as staining, which means they want lift with water from paper something a water colorist needs to know and me too since I don't want the colors to wash out. Not that I plan to wash my work when it is done. I do test each new color I purchase by painting a little of it on cloth diluted with soy milk, let set over night or steam set with an iron if I am impatient and wash it by hand with warm water and a little liquid Joy to see how much color is lost. My findings so far is that you can't get rid of yellows, no matter how hard you try. As I said, I have used Grumbacher in the house, left over from when I was doing water color on paper, but for fabric, I really prefer Daniel Smith because they are more pigmented. My local art supply store carries the DS brand as well as several other high quality watercolor pigments. Ones that you can not purchase at Michael's or Joann's. If you are tempted to try painting with water color pigments on soy milk soaked fabric I would get a warm and a cool yellow, a warm and a cool blue and a warm and a cool red then mix your own secondary colors. Any other questions, just ask and I will tell you want I know. I am still learning myself, but I know I will be at it a while. I love it.
Off to Kissimmee on Monday.


Patricia said...

Why haven't I seen your work at AQS? I know you have exhibited in Galleries, and certainly that is "uptown"---but since there really aren't any in this area (I live in Nashville) or I haven't discovered them yet (I am new to the area)---my reference point if AQS. Your work is absolutely beautiful!!!! I "visit" you daily looking for new postings! Thanks so much for sharing your art!

Juanita Yeager said...

I have had several quilts over the years
juried into the AQS show, some years I've had two accepted. My work has been in Houston and in the Mancuso show too. But doing that became old, so I turned my efforts to creating many pieces that were shown in museums and galleries. This piece that I am doing for the Bernina competition will be the first quilt created for competition in a long time. Truth be told, I am getting a little excited about seeing if it will be juried in.

There is more indepth info about me on my website, if you want to go there to read more about me.

Carol said...

Thanks again Juanita for all the information. I'm more inclined to try this method since it is non-toxic. I'm off to the Art Store.

MzHawk said...

Hi, I just found out about your process using soy milk and water color paint. I have read your blog but I still don't have a clear understanding of the whole process. After soaking the fabric & drying do you add the pattern & begin to paint?
Is the fabric stretched on a frame for painting? please advise as I am so anxious to start. I had to order the soy beans & they arrived yesterday. thank you, Ruth