Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day one

This is what I got done in 4 hours on Monday. Got to the shop later than I had planned. Had to head out from home in a different direction that prevented me going directly to Kissimmee . I had to get one of the many books on CD I have stocked piled to listen to while I work back to the Library. Don't want any late fees, unlike Columbia, MO, here they charge overdue fees. Plus I know how it is to want a book that is on the wait list and even Money by Dick Francis I had checked out was wanted by someone else. I moved it quickly to the top of the pile and listened to it over the weekend as I painted. I also stopped by the art supply store , (It was in the same direction as the library) not that I needed an excuse to drop in. Picked up 7 more tubes of watercolor paint. (in price, equivalent to buying 7 yards of fabric, but they will go soooooooo much further)

If you had wanted to see a woman dashing madly about her apartment on Sunday with a broom in hand, you should have been here. This little critter had the nerve to sneak through the small opening at the bottom of the screen to the patio while I enjoying the breeze and low humidity of the day. It is rare that I open my glass door to the patio, not since I realized that millipedes also like entering my apartment through the same small hole. At least them I don't have to chase, just bend over and scoop up with a stiff piece of paper. Depending on how charitable I am being on any given day I have deposited them back in the garden or in the toilet and flushed. But I hadn't seen any of them crawling around lately so I was fooled into thinking it was safe to open the slider.
Next time, I will plug the hole with something.
Now I am off to brave the traffic, hummmm.... think I'll stop at Joann fabrics on the way, there's a 40% off coupon in my pocket wanting to be used.
Will let you know how day two goes.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh lizards, used to love playing with them when we were small.

What stitch length are you using for the latest quilt and how do you find working with the Bernina?
As compared to the Janome perhaps?

Carol said...

The pieces are very beautiful. Almost reminds me of fruits as far as the colors goes. Very luscious. Oh, and the lizards live in my little garden in back. They just want to play.