Sunday, April 04, 2010

I love my red stool

that was purchased on the day I brought the wire baskets at Ikea. My baskets as you can see are empty for now. Fabric should arrive some day this week. Yeah!!
The red stool is the perfect height for me to sit on while painting with the print surface tilted and leaning against the shelves behind it. Since it is 2 inch thick insulation foam it is light weight and easy to move into the laundry room. (the door on the right)
I wasn't sure if I would enjoy painting in the space pictured because I'd gotten so used to looking out at the garden while I worked. Moving away from the view was the down side. The up side is I am in easy reach of all of my mark making tools that are stored on the shelves to the left. This saves me walking back and forth to fetch and replace. Moving location has corralled all of my art making stuff to one area of the apartment. Despite me living here alone, it does please me that there is an area that is for living and orderly and an area that I have designated as messy and who cares. Here is a look see at what I have been working on this week. The petunia's are painted using soy milk as the fixative with watercolor pigments.
The more abstract leaves are done with thickened dye. I do this design a lot, mainly because I am trying to get a handle on different media, like Pan pastels, watercolor pigments, inks, etc. to see which gives me the results I best like.
Hope all had a great Easter and didn't over do the jelly beans.
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Karoda said...

the petunias are gorgeous!!

Jean said...

Your flowers are beautiful, and it doesn't matter whether they are painted or made with your wonderful hand dyed fabrics!
Love your work.

Anonymous said...

I went to IKEA today to find a stool like yours but there weren't any. What I did buy though was yardages of silk fabric. My IKEA sells dupponi type 100% silk cheaply and if one has their 'Family Card' which is just a discount type card....not a credit could be had at a 50% discount. I might go back tomorrow for more.

Carol said...

Your work space is really shaping up and the flowers are wonderfully beautiful . I'm really anticipating whats next.