Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I arrived at the quilt shop

a little after 10 this morning, having forgone stopping at Joann's on the way. I also opted for the non-interstate and non major highway route because I could see as I passed over the Interstate 4 and thankfully before I got on the ramp that the traffic on I 4 was backed up for miles and creeping.
I don't have a picture of what I got done today, but I would say it was the same measurable amount as yesterday as far as square inch surface area. At the rate I am going due to the size of this piece I will have to go every day, even on Saturday (maybe) and three days next week to finish.
While I was there today a lady came in with three quilts that her great-grand mother had made, back in the early 30's (?) two of them were the kit applique ones and knowing how I love flowers I couldn't help but stop what I was doing and look at them and snap a few pictures. The two floral ones were in great condition. The one with the stars was very worn and was used a lot with a few of the patches because of the dyes or age and use were completely gone, only the quilting stitches and padding remained. I am always amused when "traditional quilters" scoff at machine quilting or the use of the sewing machine to do any part of making a quilt. On close examination of the star quilt showed that the binding had been put on by sewing machine. The machine stitches with white thread were visible on the right side of the quilt as if the binding had been put on in one step sewing through all the layers at one time but aren't the colors of her great-grand mother's era quilts lovely.

Someone asked if I liked sewing on the Bernina and if I could compare it to my Janome.
I think sewing machines are like cars. We all have our favorite, we all have ones we wish we had, but due to money or too many kids or what ever, we select the one that suits us best at that point in our life. A two seater Mercedes has been on my wish list for a long long time, but even now when kids or money is not the issue, I know how unrealistic it would be for me to own one. I still haul around too much stuff.
However a Bernina has never been on my want or wish list. The first machine I found that liked me was a Janome and I progressed from that basic model to a 4800 to a 7500 to a 6500 and now to a 6600P as I became more and more comfortable with machine quilting.
I love the size of the harp the 6600P has, until recently Bernina did not make a model with a large harp area and now Janome has a model coming out with an even larger space between the needle and the housing on the right, I think about 11 to 12 inches.
Because I started machine quilting on a machine with the standard size harp area going back to the smaller area that the machine I am using now, a stripped down Bernina 730 with a standard size harp area , by stripped down I mean, no stitch regulator, I am not having a hard time quilting on it.
I now have about 25 hours of user time on the Bernina and that come no where near to the
amount of hours I have logged on my Janome since I brought it at the end of 2005. So I have to ask myself this question to answer the person who commented on the last post.
"If someone gave me a Bernina would I use it?"
" Yes."
"Would I give up my Janome to get it?"
" NO!"
Am I planning to look at and test drive the new Janome when the dealer close to me calls me to say he has one in the store. Yes of course, sight unseen, it has moved to the top of my wish list.
Oh yes. in answer to the same person. I am doing free motion quilting on this piece so when you lower the feed dogs it is the machine operator that regulates the stitch length, not the machine.
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Carol said...

Oh Shucks, when I saw all the color I thought you had done it again, however the quilts are lovely. And thanks for sharing.