Thursday, April 29, 2010

Isn't it cute

I thought so when I saw it in an art supply catalog that arrived in the mail last week about the same time I decided to upgrade to a nicer, more sturdy easel after I found I like painting at one. I was planning to wait to purchase a nicer one from Michaels with a 40% off coupon. But late on Saturday night I placed my order online after I looked at the easels at Michael's again and looked at the ones that were on sale at my favorite art supply store about six miles from my apartment. With all things considered this one. Even with shipping it was cheaper than any of the others. I just hoped that when it came it was as pictured.
It came yesterday and I am not disappointed. Cursed a few times while putting it together. I'm not sure why manufactures of stuff that needs assembling can't write understandable instructions or provide easy to follow diagrams. When it was almost assembled, I realized that four screws were missing, but luckily I found four the size the instructions called for in my tool box. When all I had left to do was put on the coaster wheels I realized that I needed to get out the electric drill to enlarge the holes on the bottom of the easels in order to screw the screws into the wood that is a harder wood than I would have thought. I saved that task until tonight. Ta--dah!!! all done. It takes up so little floor space 20" x 24". Much much less than the three legged one I had. Plus it is collapsible for easy storage. But in truth is too cute to hide away.
Sorry once again no picture of how far I got today, but I am moving right along and it looks like I could get all the quilting done by the time the shop closes on Saturday. 2 more days.....Yeah!!!
Really was not looking forward to going back next week. I need a break from all the driving back and forth. Truth be told, getting up and leaving home everyday is beginning to feel like a JOB.
I'm retired, right. Right!!!!


Anonymous said...

I hate to buy anything, thinking it a bargain then have to put in WORK to assembly or whatever.....

Is the shop going to 'buy' the quilt you are working on? 'cause otherwise it is a long of work and expense to do as a favour so that they can display it.

Juanita Yeager said...

All of the others easels I looked at would have been sold to me in a box labeled assemby required. It really was a bargain as far as I was concerned. The shipping was far less than the sales tax would have been. It was delivered to my door. It is not too big, or heavy. It adjust to hold a canvas or insulation panel that measures 8 feet tall if I am so inclined to want to paint something that long. ha!!

Anonymous said...

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