Monday, April 19, 2010

Back from Portsmouth, VA

Because I paced myself over the five days I was away, ate light and went to bed at a reasonable hour, I wasn't to wiped when I got home at dinner time on Sunday.
The weather in Portsmouth was just wonderful. I sat for a time on the patio at the hotel and looked at the boats on the river and watched the ferry going back and forth to Norfolk.When I was in Portsmouth last, about four years ago, I did not know about the boat pictured in the center of the collage, but my interest was peaked the first time I saw it. I was happy to learn from my limo driver who was a retired Coast Guardsman that the boat served as a floating lighthouse in the old days. Fully restored it is now a museum with scheduled tours. For one who does not like riding in or on them boats have always held my interest. And of course being were lots of ships come to be repaired, I say many of the private and military variety. A large aircraft carriers was scheduled in for repairs but did not arrive before I left. I would have loved to have seen it up close.
Here are some images of the students in my dye painting class and their in progress projects.
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This last collage includes my appliqued flower class and some candid shots of the Ice Cream Social and Pajama party as it was just beginning. Bad me I didn't read the list of schedule activities planned for the retreat therefore I failed to pack any pajamas I wouldn't get arrested in if caught outside of my hotel room. So I went early in street clothes, grabbed my sundae and made my way back to my room. I HAD A GOOD TIME. Thanks Sandra and Joanne and all the members of the 54-40 Quilt Guild for all of your hard work.
Went to Kissimme today to the quilt store will let you know what else is going on with me tomorrow.


Carol said...

Thanks for the tour. Looked like you all had lots of fun.

Karoda said...

how lucky they are to have a pattern from you with that gorgeously groovy flower!