Sunday, April 25, 2010

There's nothing like

home and your own sewing machine. I finished quilting this piece after dinner tonight. I have blocked it and trued the corners. Not sure at this moment if I will or not crop it a bit more on both the left and right side, As you know I am not happy with the way the back looks. I wrote about this two blog entries ago, So to make myself happier I plan to apply another piece of fabric to the back before facing it, But like always the facing and the sleeves are on hold for now and this piece will join the three other pieces rolled up and waiting in the closet. I can see a week of nothing but facing and sleeve in my future.

The newest piece, the image below, is sandwiched and waiting for me to make the trip to Kissimmee on Monday to give quilting on the Bernina another go. I have blocked out all of next week on my calendar for this project. This time to keep the frustration at a lower level I am using a fabric on the back that is viusally busy and with lots of colors. Maybe no more Drats and Dangs and Darns. AND I am only going to use Isacord and Bottom line, I hope there is a spool of Bottom Line in red in the shop. If not.. I will take along my favorite in the bobbin thread; clear Mono-poly just in case they don't. This piece as pictured measures 44" x 54" but it will quilt up to be smaller and then it will be cropped. So I am looking at it being about 40" x 50" when it is done.
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Anonymous said...

The second piece is lovely but I prefer the first piece. I love the stems and the darker centers of the flowers. Just my personal, not meant to critique. Maybe you could put up the first for sale on your
Love your works.

Gerry said...

Juanita, I am really enjoying your current work.
These two, I think your best ever. IMHO
Gerry in Jefferson City

Deanna said...

I love your work... I always look forward to a new post! I would love to know more about your process... what kind of a board you stretch your work on when you are painting and what kind of paint and brushes you use. Do you ever get to Chicagoland to teach? Also... I have been using similar color thread in the bobbin that I am using on the top. I thought you were supposed to do this... are you supposed to match the back fabric/bobbin thread color? I bought all these Bottom Line colors to match. I think it is beautiful, regardless of the back!!