Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Even the fortune cookie is on my side.

Brought lunch today at Hy-Vee a supermarket that is more than a super market. There is a restaurant, the STARBUCKS, a bank, a pharmacy, flowers for the house both inside and out. Never thought I would talk on and on about a grocery store. At any rate I treated myself to lunch there today. It was reasonably priced and not bad for pre-cooked food. The hot lunch selection included Chinese fare complete with a fortune cookie. It said, "Do that which your heart tells you."

Yesterday I visited two colleges. Navigated the streets with the help of the map in the front of the telephone directory. I did not get lost and found Columbia College easily. I parked and walked around in their ART school building complete with studios and a very nice gallery. It is a very small campus, easy to get to and easy to navigate, however they do not have a fiber art department. Most of the student work I say in the studios, looked like student work. That in and of itself is not a bad thing. It's just that, I must remember that I will be associating with the peers of my older grandsons.

Missouri University, is the oldest university west of the Mississippi. MIZZOU as it is called fondly, is a large campus. It has a typical old college layout and old style main buildings. I did not see the Art school facilities, however the staff and students I encountered on campus were very pleasant and helpful.

They do have a fiber art department and I plan to attend the orientation for the EASY ACCESS program they offer for us older folks on August 18th.

I am working on a piece for my solo exhibit while here waiting on additional information on the houses we are interested in.

We have narrowed our choices to two.
So here is the update.
We are waiting for the cost of some additions we need to make to one (our third choice at this point) in order for it to work for both of us. Our second choice is being handled by an agent we have not been able to contact since I arrived, possibly he is or was away for the Easter Holidays. But if he never gets back to us we decided we would be quite happy with the house that is at the top of the list at this point. There are some very minor stuff to be done and should get a price on that by today.


daren said...

Hi Juanita
Are you moving? We missed you Sat at the Carnegie. I drove down and met Kathy L and the others. They mentioned a sympos. with Arturo. Is it open to the public? When and Where is it?
I am at Nancy's June 25-July 7
take care, Daren

daren said...

Hi Juanita
I enjoy your blog!! daren