Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Old friends returned

Yesterday in my efforts to get all the work I need for my solo show together in one place, I went to the gallery that handles my work and reclaimed three pieces that fit my theme. I haven't seen the quilts for several months and I am amazed at how quickly I had forgotten what the work looked like and how much I liked them. So revisiting them was like seeing old friends again.

While I took a break from quilting I thought I'd put them on the design wall and take a photo of each and share two of them with you. The other one is too large for me to take an image of successfully in the house.

I revisited some other images of my trip to Portsmouth that I hadn't posted. They were taken from the window as I waited for the elevator as I was leaving the hotel. I think they are the best of all of the shots I got of ships, boats and the Elizabeth river.

I thought several times before I decided to put out into the world evidence of one of my weaknesses. My healthy eating habit went bye-bye last week. I ate pizza, bar-b-que ribs, cornbread with lots of butter, fried fish and ice cream. They say confession is good for the soul so I must also confess that I ate PEEPS. No, inhaled PEEPS. Lots of PEEPS. You see, I love PEEPS, yes PEEPS. I love the soft sugary yellow things with a passion that is only surpassed at Christmas by peppermint sticks and cranberry sauce and cornbread dressing at Thanksgiving.

I had to take a picture of these packs of PEEPS quickly because they were not with me for long. I also brought a road map so I didn't have to call my son to find me again on the way home. And my other secret is I love to listen to CD's as I drive. I have a great collection and enjoy every thing from Mozart to Womack, Marie Callas to Luther Vandross. Actually listening to CD's is how I keep up with how far I have to go and how much time I have been driving. I've got driving to my daughter Lyn's down pat. 400 miles from my door to hers, or 6 CD's that's it.


Karoda said...

I count driving time by cds also. Portsmouth river front looks interesting...I wonder where those ships are coming from and where they are going.

mary m. said...

Oh my God! Your quilts are too beautiful for words! I'm going to start eating Peeps ;D

Elle said...

You always know it's Easter-time if there are Peeps around, the quilts