Sunday, April 09, 2006

A little shopping and then lunch

The telephone woke me on Saturday morning. My friend Valerie called asking me one of the silliest question in the world. "Did I feel like making a trip to Austin's with her? They are having a 30% off sale on thread." Austin's has the greatest selection of threads anywhere. He carries every brand and the full line of each. Mederia, Sulky, Superior, Mettlers, 2 brands of Silk, YLI, Robson Anton, Aurifil, Gutterman's, Bottom Line and others. We agreed that she should pick me up around 11:00 am. Which she did and we were off to Austins. Now mind you there was no competition involved in our spending, but remarkably we were within cents of each other when we checked out.

I had been planning to go to Austin some time very soon because I was running out of the right colors of thread for my latest quilt. So her invitation came at the right time. I'm happy to report that the last stitches were put in my current quilt "Poppy #8" at 3:15 am and so I took some shots of it as well as the booty I purchased earlier on Saturday.

I used one are two of the new threads in "Poppy #8.

I didn't have the need to use any of the King Tut from Superior in this quilt, but maybe the next one. I haven't used it before. I brought it because the variegation looked interesting and seemed not to be too regular. Loved the tone on tone green for possible use on leaves.

Does the area next to your machine get as cluttered as mine? Gee!! A major straightening and reorganization of my threads will definately be in order this afternoon.

A good friend is one who shares your passion(s). Valerie is such a person. A love of thread and a love of oriental food. OF COURSE WE STOPPED at Lemongrass and enjoyed every bite of our Rice noodle bowls right down to the fortune cookie. Val is not a coffe drinker but se was game to try the Vietnamese coffee, YUMMY and BUZZ BUZZ.

Tomorrow or rather in less than 11 hours the second open house is scheduled. Hope I have some serious nibbles this time. I will be off to my daughters on Thursday for a stay with her which will last until the Monday or Tuesday past Easter Sunday depending on how much luck we have in finding the right house for us.


Brenda said...

I like to use King Tut Superior Variegated threads in my allover quilting so it will be interesting to see if you also like it for more detailed work.

Karoda said...

As soon as I saw the first photo I knew you went to the Austin's sale. hehehe I thought about going today but I'm saving my duckies for Paducah :) Have fun house hunting and I hope you get more than few serious nibblers at the open house today.

mary m. said...

Beautiful poppy quilt, Juanita!