Monday, April 24, 2006

A little bit of normal is a good thing.

It rained during the night, just enough to rouse me,leave the morning slightly chilly and one in need of a sweater or shawl when venturing out. I lingered in bed until hunger struck about 10 am.
And this is were normal began. I went to the kitchen and did not find anything I wanted to eat that was HEALTHY. I ate two slices of American cheese without bread because there was none in the house and a 1/2 apple that was two days away from being garbage.
Went to the balcony to visit the pansies.
The rain took care of any watering that might have been needed.
I piddled around in the studio waiting for my friend Kathie K to call saying she was back from Philly. We made plans for lunch today and Kathy A was joining us since the place we choose was very close to were Kathy A's office is.

Lunch was good. Had a Thi Chicken Salad and lots of coffee. Here are the Kathy(ie)s
Kathleen (Kathie) K is on the left, Kathleen(Kathy)A is on the right.

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