Thursday, April 27, 2006

I shall sleep tonight

Last night as my head was decending onto my pillow a thought popped into my head and refused to leave even when I kept telling the thought to go away that I would get to it tomorrow. I told the thought too that there was no real urgency. To please go away, that I still had plenty of time, even enough time to make ONE or TWO MORE QUILTS IF I HAD TO. Dispite the fact that I was willing with all my might for my eyes to close while listening to a CD by IL DIVO my brain ran on.

I was notified of my solo show in January of 2003. Three plus years ago it seemed like June 16, 2006 was way far off, but now, with the exhibit being hung 60 days or less from today, June 16, 2006 is no longer a long way off. So I got up and began to make an inventory list of the quilts that I have completed and want to be in the exhibit.

As a result of loosing a little sleep last night I learned that there were 34 pieces that were suitable by theme for the exhibit. I really had met my goal of 30 works for the exhibit.

With the list I totaled the width of all the quilts as though they would be hung side by side and touching as you know I would never do, and calculated that I had in excess of 1,875 inches of art quilts to be hung in a space that measures 1,650 inches of total running space or 137 running feet.

I have more than enough quilts to fill the gallery space that was assigned to me. YEA!!!!
The task of eliminating quilts will be far less stressful than panicking and working hard to make more work at the last minutes. As I said, I shall sleep tonight.

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Elle said...

That has to be so exciting to prepare for a solo show!