Thursday, April 13, 2006

Every artist should have

an art critique group as great as the one I belong to. At each meeting there is work in progress to look at, finished works to ogle, new techniques discussed and/or demonstrated that one of us is exploring. This has been a great way for each of us to get the good, the bad, and the ugly on most of the newest contemporary approaches being applied to art quilts. We learn from each other's experiences and value the time we spend together.

Top row from left to right, Joanne, Pat, Kathleen... Bottom row from left to right Valerie, Me, Marti. These are the jurors signature pieces as they hung at Form Not Function in January at the Carnegie Center for Art and History in New Albany, Indiana. Because we limited ourselves to a 12 by 20 piece these are not totally indicative of the work we do or would want to be solely known by.

At tonight's meeting, Pat had a piece in progress that she was quilting. Joanne had several pieces to show from a series of self directed surface design exercises using different screen printing techniques on silk and rayon.

Marti, Kathy and Pat two week before had taken a five day workshop on surface design and textured surface techniques. Kathy also had one piece to show that was being bound that she had created with her own hand dyed fabric. Marti showed her latest piece that she has almost finished quilting. Valerie had two finished pieces and a gorgeous piece of hand dyed fabric that she planned to use for the next piece in her sun series. I showed off the piece I posted earlier today for you.

We meet at Marti's house in her studio.

Despite us being together from some years now we are still very much individuals in our art approaches and endeavors, yet we can see the value of everyone else's journey and discoveries and are able to offer critiques and suggestions from their point of view. We truely have made each other better.

As always when the once a month meeting comes to an end I remain wound up for several hours afterward. I am very enthusiastic and usually cann't wait to get home to try what they have tried. As a result of tonights meeting I want to take off into different directions because very often like tonight what they had to share has peeked my interest and fed my imagination.

I am all packed for my trip to my daughter's tomorrow, so I thought, but when I go I got home I went to the studio for my heating gun and soddering iron. I will shop for some felt, stitch witchery when I get to Lyn's. I have already packed the paint and brushes, several bins of fabric, tools, notions and sundries. You would think by the way I have packed I am not planning to return any way soon.

What about your condo and the prospective buyers who are stopping by on Sunday? No worries. I have the best housekeeper-FRIEND who will stop by on Saturday to make sure everything is ship shape for them.

I have promised myself, despite whatever is going on in my life with the exception of a major snow storm that I can not safely drive through from MO to KY I am not giving up my group. The use of a bed and bath have been offered when I come.

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