Saturday, April 01, 2006

Friday's workshop

Creative people at play is always good to see. The Friday class worked hard before lunch to get their substructure finished. After lunch there was so much fun going on you could hear a pin drop on the carpeted floor. As an instructor you can always tell when the students are into what the class is about. When there is a lack of understanding there s mumbling and questions. When there is uncertainty, there is mumbling, questions and beckoning jestures indicating a hand holding session is needed to re-establish self confidence. This is what was completed in the Friday class with the students bringing stuff from home and having free access to the bins of stuff I hauled from Kentucky. I hope I didn't miss anyone in the class or their project in various stages of completion.


mary m. said...

Some beautiful work in your classes, Juanita. You must be a great teacher. I loved looking at all the faces that went with the art.

Your journey, stopping and buying bras and calling your son to find you, has me in stitches. You are my kinda gal! Were they sports bras that you bought?

Rayna said...

Juanita - I love looking at your students' work! Isn't it the best feeling when you see the creativity you've encouraged in them? It makes me so happy when that happens in a workshop! The stars must have lined up right last weekend because I was teaching in Connecticut and had a similarly creative and fun workshop.

Your own work is beautiful.