Saturday, April 29, 2006

As April ends and May begins

I thought I would acknowledge some of my favorite things and loves. On Wednesday of last week, I was at the Carnegie Center for Art & History in New Albany,Indiana for a planning meeting for Form Not Function 2007. To my delight there was a diverse display of High school students art. The exhibit contained many pieces that I liked but there were four pieces that caught my eye and held my attention.

This piece made me smile. I do love elephants. Not the real ones in the manner

of I WANT ONE for a pet, but I do have a collection of them that other people have added to over the years because THEY THOUGHT I COLLECTED ELEPHANTS.

I don't collect elephants... not really. But to the casual observer you would think I do since I have several hundreds of them in all sizes, made from different materials, (everything from a lump of coal to gold). Dispite the fact that if it had been left to me, I would never have acquired a significant number of them.

I know there are some of you who know what I am speaking about. I know there was a time in the lives of one or two you readers of my blog when you saw a cute chick or two or ducks, or pigs, or cows, or roosters or what have you and in a moment of weakness brought them and display them in your home and SUDDENLY you were inundated with chick, pigs, duck, roosters and or what ever.

Friend and family expressing their love gave them to you as gifts for every occasion; from heres something for you, I hope you feel better soon to Happy Birthday. Dispite me reapeatedly saying to one an all who listen that I DO NOT COLLECT ELEPHANTS, I am tempted at times to pick up one or two to add to the herds; especially if the elephant makes me smile. I love whimsy and this elephant, meets my criteria. It has one green and one blue eye.

This painting was a close-up look at the center of a flower and I liked it simply because I love flowers and love distilling flowers to their essence.

These two are not like anything I would do to express myself, but I liked them because I could see the potential in them for becoming art quilts.

More often then not we car pool when going to the Carnegie for a meeting. On this day it was my turn and I picked up Marti first and then went on to pick up Kathy (This Kathleen is not one of the two I have introducted you to previously.) This is another Kathy. Kathy L. Her husband is the gardener in their house and their yard was looking very good.

The dogwood trees around here are absolutely GARGIOUS this year

and I could not help but get out of the Jeep to touch them and capture the beauty of them with my ever present digital camera.

Olivia Faye, my youngest grandchild came to visit on Friday.

We played with dolls; she made litte piture frames, and she painted two small pictures and finger painted and picked a bouquet of pansies for her Aunt Rene. We had breakfast; and a tea-party; and I brought her a two wheeler with training wheels for her fifth birthday complete with a Dora the Explorer helmet, gloves and knee pads. SAFETY FIRST. But since it was raining here today she did not get to ride outside. No problem I am sure she will get to test her new toy out in her Aunt Rene's basement before she goes home on Sunday.

Bathe and ready for bed, after a day in the park, she was suddenly hungry.
"I'm a big girl and I can make my own peanut butter sandwich." Standing on her personal foot stool, she did.

She played hairdresser with my hair this morning. Believe me only for a beloved Granddaughter would I let a picture of myself be taken with a hairdo complete with a red heart in my hair.

My daughter Rene' (Aunt Na to all her neices and nephews) picked Olivia up at 2PM to spend the rest of the day with her before taking her home tomorrow.

(Photo of Rene and middle granson Justin were taken by Olivia)

Justin has the energy, the patience and humor to keep up with Olivia. Thank God. She wakes up REALLY EARLY and is ready to roll as soon as her eyes pop open.

I have begun to love the sight of the Arch. As I am approaching it from Illinois I know I am 2/3 the way to Columbia, MO and when I see it as I am appraching downtown St. Louis and leaving the state of MO. I know the hardest part of the drive back to Louisville is over.

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She is too cute--making her own sandwiches!