Sunday, April 16, 2006

From Columbia

Happy Easter. The sun is shining here today as it has been since I arrived. Lyn has kept me running from house to house lookiing at all the ones she had narrowed her search down to so it was a matter of me getting in my point of view. Yesterday we had narrowed it to three when we happened upon another house that quickly moved to the top of the list. We will meet with the builder/agent tomorrow or Tuesday depending on Lyn's day, since Monday is the last day of the tax season for her. IF my grandson downloaded the shots of the top of the list house correctly into the laptop I will attempt to show you some shots of the place.

Packed the car for my trip with enough stuff to make a makedo studio here at Lyn's just in case the search took longer than planned. Have drawn a new design which measures 48" x 60". Dispite downsizing my work space to the top of her kitchen island, a wall in the foyer for a design wall and a four foot folding table she borrowed for me from one of her classroom I can not think small.

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