Wednesday, April 12, 2006

From old to new

This is an older work of mine titled Forecasting Rain.

and this is a shot of Poppies No. 7 my latest . It is all done; blocked,faced, labeled and signed.
Had a looker today. My realtor woke me this morning saying there was someone coming to look between 11 and noon and would that be alright. OF COURSE IT WAS. I just had to jump in gear, got out of bed, got out my PJ. I loaded the dishwasher, emptied trash cans, dusted the obvious and freshen the bathrooms.

I left the house while they were here going for coffee at Starbucks. I noticed when I was coming back that they were leaving a similar unit in the next building. Of course I was quite certain that my unit would look the best and as it turned out the woman and her mother-n-law want to return on Sunday with the son-hubby for another look see. Maybe they will be the ones. Here's hoping.

It was a really great day here today. I spent some time on the balcony watering the pansies and doing the hand sewing on Poppies #7 while listening to some music through my wireless head set. Never let it be said that I pollute the neighborhood with the sounds of classical music ringing from my place.


mary m. said...

Good luck with selling your place! Your "Poppies" are wonderful...I love the way you made the gray background.

Yeyemimi said...

Peace and blessings!

I love your work!

Marian Hayes